Interviewing Skills for International Auditors


Conducting effective audit interviews is one of the most valuable methods you have to ensure your audit report adds value. To achieve this, you have to focus on the heart of communication: effective questioning and listening skills.

Combine these with behaviour, body language, cultural insights, interview strategy and facilitation techniques to create a successful outcome. Learn how to deal with difficult personalities and conflicting goals, and ensure you leave a positive, professional impression of audit behind you.


  • Plan and prepare for your interview so the stage is set for your success;
  • Apply rapport-building techniques so you can develop and foster strong, value-added business relationships;
  • Employ a variety of question types and techniques so you get the information you need even when you are under time pressure;
  • Learn facilitation language and skills so you are better able to control the flow of the interview;
  • Navigate communication dilemmas as they happen, so you can successfully deal with challenges and unintended conflict no matter when or where it arises.

Management Trainer

ARC Institute

Über das ARC-Institute

Das ARC-Institute liefert mit dem Audit Research Center wichtige Impulse zur Weiterentwicklung der Revisionsbranche. Der Zielfokus richtet sich auf die Vernetzung zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis. Dabei steht die Weiter- und Neuentwicklung in Kooperation mit Revisoren, Unternehmen und Verbänden im Fokus, um die Praxisnähe zu erhalten und implementierungsfähige Methoden, Tools sowie Konzepte zu entwickeln. Die im Dialog mit Branchenexperten erarbeiteten Ergebnisse dienen der Praxis heute als Leitfaden und Adaptionsmöglichkeiten, um den Gesamtnutzen des Unternehmens langfristig und nachhaltig mit einer innovativen Revisionsarbeit steigern zu können.

Im Sinne des Thought Leadership Gedankens steht das ARC Institute mit dem Audit Research Centerfür Themenführerschaft und Vorausdenken im Bereich Interne Revision.

Gegenwärtig unterstützt das ARC Institute im Rahmen von Forschungs-, Beratungs- und Personalentwick-lungsprojekten nicht nur führende supranationale Institutionen, sondern auch zahlreiche börsennotierte Unternehmen in den drei deutschsprachigen Ländern Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz.

Tracie Marquardt

Tracie Marquardt
CPA, Senior Management Trainer, Audit Research Center | ARC Institute
Bachelor of Arts, Honours Chartered Accountancy Studies

Since 2005, Tracie has trained thousands of internal auditors from Germany, Europe, Africa and the US to communicate more effectively on an international stage. As a result, these auditors are able to communicate their key messages more clearly, concisely, and persuasively, resulting in agreement, action and positive change. Specialties include audit report writing, global communication competence, interviewing skills, reconciling findings with auditees, and presenting powerfully. Tracie is a former external auditor (Deloitte) and internal auditor (HFCL) from Canada, with 10 years’ experience in the financial industry in Canada and the U.S.

Key skills include

  • Training, coaching and consulting internal audit for global communication skills.
  • Designing training programmes that combine skills learning with culture and language to ensure success of the participants working internationally.
  • Designing, creating and delivering customised, interactive workshops that bring measurable results for management.
  • Providing feedback and distance coaching to internal auditors on actual audit reports and training case studies.
  • Deep understanding of stakeholder requirements, audit report objectives, communication interactions within the audit process, and related challenges.

Significant Projects/Audit Communication Skills

  • 2018 Presenter at the Congress of the German national IIA chapter in Munich, Germany. Topic: Agile Audit Communication.
  • 2010 – 2018 Delivered a customised Audit Report Writing and Communication training programme to Internal Audit within the European banking system. Over 750 auditors from 25 countries participated in the training programme.
  • 2017 – 2018 Trained the global Internal Team of a leading pharmaceutical company on Audit Report Writing and Next Level Auditing with ARC HIANCA.
  • 2016 Trained the global Internal Audit team of a Swiss Bank on Audit Report Writing and Next Level Auditing with ARC HIANCA.
  • 2016 Trained, coached and provided consulting services for 40 auditors including 5 Heads of Audit at a top German financial organisation as they overhauled their report writing methodology.
  • 2015 Presenter at the annual Congress of the German national IIA chapter in Dresden, Germany. Topic: Global Communication Competence and the International Internal Auditor.
  • 2014 – 2015 Trained the Internal Audit team of a DAX30 medical device company on Audit Report Writing, including individual & team coaching, and development of an Audit Report Writing Style Guide. Reduced reporting review time by more than 50%.
  • 2005 – 2016 Delivered audit communication workshops to the German national IIA Chapter Academy.

Language Skills

  • English native speaker
  • German intermediate spoken


  • President, Heidelberg International Toastmasters Club, affiliated with Toastmasters International

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31. October 2019
09:00 am – 05:00 pm

ARC TrainingsCenter
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1 days [8 CPE ~ IIA Standards]

Conditions and Price

Each participant’s day costs 890,- Euro plus VAT if the modules are booked individually. After receipt of your registration you will receive a registration confirmation with invoice. Please pay the registration fee immediately after receipt of the invoice. The participation fee is plus 19 % VAT. The price includes participation in the lectures of the booked event, coffee breaks and seminar documents.

You can cancel up to two weeks before the event free of charge. Thereafter or if the participant fails to attend, we will charge the entire participation fee. Of course it is possible to represent the registered participant.


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