Virtual Training Series: Moments of Truth in Internal Audit

– 4 parts Strategic Skills for Internal Auditors – Dr. Rainer Lenz, ARC Institute

Moments of Truth in an Auditor’s Life [100 min. 2 CPE]
The outstanding moments of truth in the life of an auditor are what we remember: in a positive sense the peaks, in a negative sense the lows and the transitions. An invitation to self-reflection. You will gain insights into the power of moments of truth. You will better understand – and learn from – your moments of truth in internal auditing. We will benefit from discussing the concept of psychological safety. We will talk about politics in the organisation, including foxes and owls.

Three Types of Internal Auditors [100 min. 2 CPE]
In this virtual course part, we will distinguish three types of auditors: from behind-the-scenes players to key players in the governance arena. We will discuss and explore these concepts and what they have to do with you. How do you see yourself? How do the management and the board perceive you? How do you know? What can you change to do about it?

SUCCESs – Make Internal Audit Stick [100 min. 2 CPE]
Along the acronym SUCCESs you will get plenty of suggestions how better / best positioning the Internal Audit Function in your organization: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Story, and, the small “s”, “swimming in the organization”, a term I learnt from a CEO when examining the effectiveness of Internal Auditing in an empirical study

Self-Images of Internal Auditors: From Police to Agent of Change [100 min. 2 CPE]
Self-awareness is an opportunity. There are blind spots that others are aware of but you are not aware of yourself. There are different ways to position internal audit in an organisation. These can include the predominant role as police, as servant, as advisor, as doctor or as change agent. The role of internal auditor is usually multi-layered and complex and may change over time. We will discuss the characteristics of such roles, the advantages and disadvantages, taking into account your organisational context. Some roles may be more conducive to the effectiveness of internal audit and your importance in the organisation, others may be more damaging.

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Virtual Training Series ZOOM: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection