Virtual Training Series: Effective Audit Communication

– 4 parts from Successful Audit Communication Strategies to Persuasive Findings –

Successful Audit Communication Strategies [100 min. 2 CPE] 10th May 2022
– Ethically influencing audit clients –
Our ability to positively influence outcomes depends not only on our skills but also on understanding what influences our business partners. What should you know about your audit client to influence them to agree to a positive outcome? Why are these elements important and how do we gather the information? How can this knowledge influence what we say and how we say it? In this session, you will learn proven strategies and techniques to begin to understand your business partners, so you can craft effective communication strategies that get better results than ever before.

Questioning for Success [100 min. 2 CPE] 12th May 2022
– Developing your audit superpower –
Questioning and listening are the two halves of the heart of communication. We can use questions to learn, to inform, to coach, to resolve conflict, to get action taken. What questions can you ask? What questions should you ask? What questions have you never considered before? What questions will bring your audit client with you to agreement and action? How can you use questions to coach your audit client to the ‘right’ outcome? In this session, you will learn proven questioning strategies and techniques to that help you get to ‘yes’ with your audit clients (and colleagues), which will result is long-term relationships and next-level audit results.

Preparing to Present Audit Results [100 min. 2 CPE] 17th May 2022
– Creating transformation and positive change –
Presenting audit results in meetings is not as simple as it sounds. Should you use slides? What should be on those slides? How should the presentation be structured? What techniques can you use to create a presentation that is compelling and engaging, and achieves the desired results? How can you keep your audit clients engaged and achieve the desired outcome of the meeting: that your audit client accepts your findings, risk and recommendations, and agrees with minimum pushback and no audit work? In this session, you will learn proven strategies and techniques to turn findings and recommendations into an impactful presentation, key slide development techniques, and presentation delivery best practice.

Writing Persuasive Findings and Recommendations [100 min. 2 CPE] 19th May 2022
– Communicating value-added audit results –
Writing findings and recommendations is part science and part art. We have guidance from the IIA, but how do we implement that guidance, and implement it with the right language? How do we avoid writing long-winded, poorly organized findings? How can we persuade our audit client to accept the finding and agree to take the necessary actions without pushback and lengthy discussions? How do we take the pain out of the editing and review process? In this session, you will learn proven strategies and techniques to write clear, concise and compelling findings and recommendations in accordance with IIA standards – and your stakeholders’ needs.

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