Presenting Upwards – Senior Managers and C level


Auditors are often in a unique position to have direct contact with senior managers and C level executives in the regular course of their work. Representing the audit department and themselves well is important to the assessment of the credibility and competence of the audit department.

Presenting yourself and your audit department well with senior managers and c-level executives requires meeting their content and context communications needs, adding value to information and saving face in challenging situations. This seminar will help you to understand the potential needs of your C-level audience and give you the opportunity to practice the necessary skills to present upward effectively.


  • Considering what your C level audience wants from an IA presentation
  • Clarifying the know, feel, do goals of your interaction
  • Building trust with C level managers and carrying out a Transactional trust assessment
  • Structuring clear, concise and complete communication
  • Message structure exercise, BLUF
  • Risk assessment and business cases for findings
  • Incorporating management decision language
  • Answering questions with the 4R process
  • Preparation, practice and self-, peer- and trainer feedback
  • Practical solutions for common C level communication problems


Chris Slattery

Chris Slattery

Qualifications & Skills

  • 28 years’ experience delivering customized training solutions
  • BA Economics (Hons)
  • Strength Deployment Inventory facilitator
  • Audit Committee Leadership
  • ISO auditor certification
  • Trompenaars Intercultural Awareness Profiler Licensee
  • Belbin Team Development Certified
  • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I and II certified practitioner
  • Languages: native English speaker (UK), German (CEFR C2)

Relevant Training Experience

Chris is the Managing Director of Target Training GmbH.  A training enthusiast he loves nothing more than being actively involved in developing practical tailored training solutions for a wide range of clients.

Recent training solutions have included such themes as:

  • Interviews for Quality Audits (European Court of Auditors)
  • Effective Communications (European Central Bank)
  • Communication and Presentation Skills for Financial Professionals (Hager Group SE)
  • Presenting with IMPACT (YCAP)
  • Customer Service (DHL)
  • Building Teams Across Cultures (Robert Bosch)
  • Talent 2020: Strategy in Action (Adient)
  • International Negotiations (PwC Academy)
  • Performance-based Contraction (NAMSA)
  • Analysing Problems and Decision Making (Eon)
  • Train-the-Trainer (Bosch Rexroth)

Recent clients include the Deutsche Bundesbank, DP DHL, ECB, Eon, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Goodyear, Johnson Controls, Hager, HSBC, PwC, RBS, Robert Bosch GmbH, Siemens AG, YCAP, Adient, Cognex, Commerzbank


Dates and venues:

09:00-17:00 –

ARC TrainingsCenter
Zeil 111
60313 Frankfurt am Main

[8 CPE ~ IIA Standards]

Teilnahmebedingungen und Preis

Dieses Training kostet 490,- Euro!

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