Auditing across cultures – an introduction


Culture has an impact on everything from your initial contact to your closing report. Your goals may be the same as always, but the way you go about achieving them will be more effective when you add a cultural component to your tool kit. This free introductory session is for all internal auditors and/or compliance officers who audit divisions and subsidiaries in other cultures. cultures.


  • What do we really mean by culture?
  • Peeling away the layer of culture with “the culture onion”
  • How “cultural dimensions” impact internal auditors
    • Making contact and establishing rapport
    • Running interviews, discussions and meetings
    • Presenting your findings
  • Transforming intentions into actions


Stephen Jenner

Stephen Jenner

Education and Career

  • 20 years’ international experience in teaching, training and training management in Europe, Egypt, India and Asia
  • Extensive training experience in full range of employee, manager and leadership skills
  • Specialisms in intercultural training and psychometric profiling
  • Digital learning specialist in design and delivery of virtual training, eLearning & blended learning
  • Masters Degree in Online and Distance Education (Open University, 2011
  • Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (Cambridge DELTA, 1998)
  • Languages: native English speaker (UK), Italian (CEFR C1)

Training Overview

Stephen has a diverse, 20 year international career in teaching, training and consultancy in Europe, North Africa, South Asia and Asia Pacific. He has extensive training room experience with specialisms in communication and interpersonal skills, and intercultural working. He is also a digital learning specialist in online tutoring, virtual classroom design and eLearning instructional design. He holds a Master’s degree in digital/blended learning design and Professional Certifications in training design/delivery of adult learning, intercultural training and personality profiling. Stephen was born in the UK and now lives and works in Germany.

Recent coaching, training solutions and virtual solutions have included such themes as:

  • Working Across Cultures
  • Communication Skills for auditors
  • Interviewing skills for auditors
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Team Management
  • Organisational Development
  • Presentation skills
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Training
  • Negotiation
  • Personal Development

Recent clients include:
PwC, HETA, BorgWarner, Airbus, Sony Europe, Telekom, EIOPA, BSH, HTC, Cognex, Hitachi, DB Schenker, VMware, Essilor, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors


Dates and venues:

15:00 – 16:40
Virtual training

[2 CPE ~ IIA Standards]

10:00 – 11:40
Virtual training

[2 CPE ~ IIA Standards]

Teilnahmebedingungen und Preis

Dieses Virtual Training kostet 490,- Euro.

Participant Guide

Participating in the Virtual Training

All you need to know to participate in the online seminar

We are delighted that you will be joining us for an online seminar. We want to be sure that your experience is a positive one and below you will find all the information you need for successful participation in your seminar.
If you have any questions or need any more information, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Before the seminar
We will arrange a short WebEx session with you to make sure that everything is OK with your connection and audio. The test itself will only take a few minutes and if there are any technical issues, it will give you time to work with your IT department to put them right before the seminar.
The WebEx System Requirements vary according to the operating system on the computer you are using. To find out what the requirements are before the test you can visit

Getting the most from the seminar

  • find a quiet, comfortable place to work. Our experience is that it is much easier to focus, speak and listen in a private meeting room rather than in an open office.
  • use a good quality USB headset. Bluetooth connections are often subject to interference and if you are not able to follow everything that is being said, you will not get the most from the seminar.
  • plug your laptop (if you’re using one) into the mains. There is nothing more frustrating than losing valuable time in the seminar because your battery has run out of charge.
  • have a direct wired connection between your router and your computer during the session. We have found that Wi-Fi connections can often become unreliable particularly during longer sessions.
  • have a broadband internet connection with a download speed of 2-3Mbp and an upload speed of at least 0.5Mbp is. At this speed you should not experience any lag or delays during the session. You can run a speed check using or
  • join the session at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. This should give you time to fix any issues that arise when you join the session. If you are having problems please contact your trainer or the session producer, if there is one. They will be more than happy to help you. You will find their telephone and email details on the Joining Instructions communication.
  • clear any distractions from your work area, turn off your phones (desk and mobile) and disable all background programs on your computer. We all know how easily we can be distracted by incoming emails, SMS messages and calls.
  • actively participate in the session. The most successful sessions are those where participants interact with the trainer and each other.
  • are prepared to to give your input or ask questions at any time during the session. If you have a question, it is likely that other participants want to know the answer too. Please be patient while waiting for a response to your question or chat message.
  • need to leave your desk during the session, please click on the ‘coffee cup’ emoticon so the trainer knows you are not available. Don’t forget to switch it off when you come back.
  • you have any concerns or technical issues/questions at any time during the seminar, please tell your trainer or the session producer if there is one. You will find their telephone and email details on the Joining Instructions communication.

How to log-in to the seminar

Before the session is due to start you will receive an email containing the log-in instructions and the link to the session – it will look something like this:

All you need to do is follow the instructions in the email and you will be directed to your session.
If you have not used WebEx on your computer before, you may be asked to add a plug-in before continuing.

When the session opens, you will see a dialog box:
1. If you are using your computer or laptop to join the session, click on the “Call using computer” button:

2. If you are joining the session on your phone, click on the “Use Phone” option and follow the instructions:

3. You may be asked if you want to do an audio test before you continue. If you have not used WebEx on your device before, this is a good idea. Please note, the other participants cannot hear you until you have finished or dismissed the audio test.

What to Do if Things Go Wrong

We advise you to log onto each workshop session at least 10 – 15 minutes early to ensure there is time to resolve any audio or connection issue should it arise.

As with life in general, sometimes things go wrong. In the case of the online training session, these things will most probably be technological. If you have trouble logging in or your sound is not working correctly, and you have tried the Audio Test, we suggest you close all programs, reboot your computer, stop any background programs that are running and log-in again.

If you are having trouble with your audio and you are using a USB connection, try plugging it into a different port (if possible).

If you still have a problem call or text your online trainer or seminar producer (contact details included in the invitation email) but please be aware that if the session is about to start, or has started, the trainer and producer will be busy and there will be very little they can immediately do to assist you.

In the unlikely event of a session crashing please attempt to log back on using the link for that session. If this is not successful, please turn on your mobile and email and wait as your trainer or producer will contact you to either give you a new link or reschedule the session.

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