Virtual Training Series: How to accelerate your Internal Audit performance?

– 4 parts Full of helpful tools, methodologies and communication techniques – Torben Hilbertz, ARC Institute

Develop your strategy to Internal Audit Success [100 min. 2 CPE]
To become an effective Internal Audit Manager, you need to have a good strategy and a good game plan. In addition to mastering the necessary fundamentals and obtaining professional qualifications, you must have a good blueprint and, of course, be sure that this job fits your personality and preferences. What distinguishes you from other qualified candidates? How can you find out more about your differentiation factor? Where is your unique selling criteria? What are you able to offer? Are you aware of latest trends and job requirements? Do you have the right network internally and externally? You’ll gain insight into how to leverage your network and recruiters, how to apply, and how to find out if the job being offered is a good fit for you. Once you’ve made it, you need to know what matters in your first 100 days in your new job.

Helpful Tools for an effective Internal Audit Management [100 min. 2 CPE]
Once you are an Internal Audit Manager, your toolbox can significantly assist you in being effective. Do you know the most relevant tools for being effective? You will learn more insights and a portfolio of tools to master your Audit Planning along with different ways to determine your Audit Universe Risk Ratings. We will explore effective Internal Audit Report options along with smart ways of an efficient Follow-up Process. Involving your Internal Audit Team and keeping the Team motivated is another important topic. Last but not least, you will learn about Audit Software and some easy alternatives for small teams, and we will take a look into the future by asking how we can drive the next level of effectiveness.

Effective Stakeholder Integration [100 min. 2 CPE]
Once you are aware of the power of effective stakeholder integration and communication, you won’t want to do without it. Do you know your stakeholders and their expectations well? Do you know how to score points as an active listener? We will explore the different Internal Audit stakeholders, their expectations, influence and interests. You will learn more about tailored communication tools and the power of focusing on what matters, using specific examples. Are you able to condense key facts onto a single page? Together, we will discuss practical examples, such as monthly activity reports, presentations to the audit committee, etc. An important topic we will highlight is „How to Sell Your Success.“

How to manage and mesure your Internal Audit Performance [100 min. 2 CPE]
The importance of Internal Audit performance management may be greater than you may think. Do you know the cost and quality difference between an Internal Audit report prepared in-house and an Internal Audit report prepared by an outsourcing partner? Do you know how your audit committee views this competition? You will learn more about how to win this competition by defining and following a clear Internal Audit strategy based on a balanced scorecard approach and paired with meaningful KPIs. We will explore opportunities and tools to increase Internal Audit performance in an agile manner and discuss specific options and examples. You will learn more about tools to manage and track Internal Audit Performance along with ways selling your performance, in the process highlighting for your audience the benefits of successful Internal Audit performance management.

Management Trainer

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Didactics | Methodology

Virtual Training Series MS Teams/ ZOOM: Interactive lecture, discussion, practical example, case studies, reflection