Smart Learning | Swiss Audit Championship

Effective Audit Knowledge in a World of Digital Transformation

Date & venue

23th October in Zurich, Technopark

Audit Methodology Knowledge in English

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Why should we participate in the SVIR Smart Learning Event?

  • You are interested in Digital Transformation.
  • Try Serious Business Games live and experience the motivating effect.
  • Learn the latest Internal Audit-Methodology-Know-how.
  • Use the simulations to increase the learning speed.
  • Look outside the box, learn SMART in disruptive times of Digital Transformation.

See photos and impressions of the event and read more about the winners in our blog post!

How do we win the Swiss Championship Cup?

  • A Swiss Audit Championship Team consists of at least 3 participants, it is played anonymously.
  • The Top 3 Teams with the most successful participants among the TOP 20 in the Audit Business Game Ranking win.
  • There will be a team competition and an individual competition for the TOP 3.
  • All audit teams act as Level Playing Field in the Serious Business Game MARS.

What’s there to win?

Lots of Audit Know-how!

The Swiss Championship Cup of the IIA Switzerland.

Each participant will receive 7 CPE Continuous Professional Education Points.

Shaping Digital Transformation:

TrainingEvent 23th October Zurich, Technopark

MARS is available in German, French and English.

Be Part of the Swiss Audit Challenge!

Serious Business Games | Successful Personnel Development in Internal Audit

Effective and practical learning of auditing methodology know-how

MARS is a unique learning experience! During the Serious Business Game, your know-how and skills will be trained in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessment Know-how
  • Operational Audit Techniques, e.g. Sampling or Process Audit
  • Audit Quality Gates, Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Strategic Audit Development
  • Control Design and Effectiveness of Controls
  • Audit Engagement Management
  • Audit Documentation and References
  • Governance Processes
  • Audit Interview Techniques
  • Audit Report Writing

What is it about?

In 2030, the first humans reach the red plant. Become one of the first colonists, tasked with building a new civilization in which information and knowledge are the keys to survival. Mars combines a strategy game with a system of questions and answers. Here you can influence the development of the Serious Business Game and the acting players yourself with the numerous social community possibilities.

In order to build up your colony on Mars, you will answer audit competence questions, bring in your own internal audit topics or challenge other players individually or as a team with regard to your know-how in auditing!

How does it work?

  • You need an Internet-enabled end-user medium (laptop, tablet) with which you can log into the internet at Technopark.
  • Absolutely neutral evaluation. The Serious Business Games algorithm independently awards the right points for all actions.
  • As a participant you will receive 7 CPE, Continuous Professional Education Points according to the IIA standards.
  • A team consists of at least 3 participants. The bigger the team, the higher the chance of winning with as many employees as possible in the top 20 in the Swiss Audit Championship Ranking.